The power of safety data to prevent work related incidents: empirical evidences from pilot projects in Italy

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Maria Grazia GnoniMichele VillaAntonia DonvitoArmando GuglielmiGiuseppe CampoDiego De MerichDaniele De SantisAntonio LevaMauro Pellicci

Abstract: A vast amount of safety data is collected every year by public and private organisations for many different reasons. Often this is due to compliance requirements, other times as part of reporting practices or to measure performance towards improvement goals. Although data collection is still a critical activity – as it is usually not characterized by a standard approach –, data analysis now represents the most critical one due to several factors. The present study aims to point out how safety data at different level of aggregation - could support effective continuous improvements activities of companies as well as of institutional organizations. Results shows the high potential of structured safety data models and tools for acquiring knowledge to improve prevention activities.

Keywords: Safety data, Structured and unstructured data, Injury prevention, Digital technologies

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003077

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