Analysis of The Influence of Military Radio Stations Electromagnetic Field on Operator's Health

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Authors: Marian Wnuk

Abstract: Human exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields has increased significantly in recent decades. For this reason, scientists and the public are interested in its influence on health, even when exposure is much lower than the applicable standards. The intensity of electromagnetic fields in the human environment is increasing and is now reaching very high levels that living organisms have never experienced before. A process that has a great impact on people is the direct penetration of electromagnetic radiation into the tissues. Therefore, the important question is to what extent we risk our health in the environment in which we live and in the workplace during direct contact with electromagnetic fields.Research shows that the electromagnetic field affects the cell membranes in our body. The cell membrane is the membrane that protects the cells of the body and provides a constant environment inside the cell. Electromagnetic fields cause disturbances in the work of the membrane, which can lead to various types of disturbances in the body. One of such disorders is, for example, the organism's decreased resistance to external factors. The paper presents the results of research on the impact of a selected military radio station, the purpose of which was to investigate whether electromagnetic fields from military radio stations pose any threat to the operator's health. The conducted analysis of the issues of safety of staying in the area of the electromagnetic field of military antennas and radio stations as well as the results of the research on the intensity of the field emitted by the RRC-9200 military radio station, which were carried out in this paper, can be considered as having a negative impact on the functioning of the human body. Due to the fact that the radio operator is exposed to the electromagnetic field emitted by it, its adverse impact on the human body should be investigated (especially regarding the biological effects that may occur). Polish standards regarding electromagnetic fields are very strict, while the actual effects of this field are still unknown. Carrying out more research in this field broadens the knowledge on the subject and enables the introduction of limitations of exposure to electromagnetic field and the rational approach of people to the problem.Tests were carried out with a military radio station, which is equipped with the Polish army, along with its antenna at the maximum power level (10 W). It was found that when receiving the signal, it did not exceed the permissible level of the electromagnetic field, then after pressing the tangent it did. The level of electromagnetic field emission when the radio is carried on the operator's back while transmitting, in virtually every case exceeds the permissible values of the magnetic and electric fields. This can lead to undesirable health consequences for the operator of such a radio. It was found that due to the fact that the electromagnetic field emitted by the radio stations while transmitting at full power of 10 W is high and significantly exceeds the permissible value, therefore, the radio station should not be used in direct contact. You should take into account your own health and the negative effects that may be caused by the use of the radio station from a short distance. Due to the obtained results of the field emitted by the tested radio, it is recommended to use it from the greatest possible distance, in the shortest possible time, and with the lowest power (0.5W). This will help minimize the operator's exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by the radio, as well as reduce possible negative effects on his health.Suggestion: poster session

Keywords: artificial electromagnetic fields, intensity of electromagnetic fields, standards regarding electromagnetic fields

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003078

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