Digital Health Surveillance: Usability requirements applied to rumor alerting and monitoring tools

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Paulo CarvalhoDaniel MendesElaine Alves De CarvalhoAlessandro Jatobá

Abstract: This article has the objective of associating the contribution of social media to a system for detecting rumors in public health, aiming to provide timely inputs for the Strategic Information and Health Surveillance Response Centers (CIEVS) in their event monitoring activities in health through the capture and analysis of unofficial information (rumors). Through a process based on usability requirements identified with analysts at the Surveillance Centers, messages are captured, stored and subsequently analyzed cooperatively by analysts to detect the existence of a possible event in public health.

Keywords: Public Health Surveillance, Syndromic Surveillance, Prevention, Rumors, Social Networks, Cooperation, Usability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003079

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